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Concept Design for Zero Emmision Shipping Presented at IMO London

On Monday 11th of November, a week after winning the Dutch Maritime Innovation Award 2019, we informed at the IMO Headquarters in London the members of the 6th Intersessional Working Group on Green House Gasses (IMO ISWG GHG 6) on the actual possibilities of Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) with the Award-winning eConowind-units and VentiFoils […]

Conoship lands contract to design seven vessels

Conoship will work together with Finnish Bore Ltd and Dutch Wijnne Barends, both affiliates of Dutch Spliethoff Group, on the design and build of seven state-of-the-art vessels for sustainable sea transportation for UPM in Europe. The vessels will be ice-strengthened and meet the latest technological, operational and environmental standards. They will be built in China […]