Conoship Selected for Design of new B-type

Conoship International has recently signed a contract with Mawei Shipyard for the design of two multipurpose DP2- B-type vessels for client Spliethoff. The versatile characteristics of this new B-Type make this vessel unique in the market and will comply with the requirements of IMO Tier III. They are built under class of Lloyd’s Register, have ice class 1A and also comply with the Polar code. The ships are to be delivered in October 2021 en February 2022.

Shipping company Spliethoff Group, Amsterdam, has recently ordered nine new ships from Chinese shipyards. For all of which Conoship International has been selected to deliver the design. In addition to the four LoLo vessels (Wijnne Barends) and three RoLo vessels (Bore Ltd.)  the latest order consist of two new B-types. For this vessel Conoship has been commissioned to deliver the ship’s complete class approval package: basic design/structure and systems.

These ships, the Brouwersgracht (imo 9896270) and Bloemgracht (imo 9896282), will be equipped with a 5300-kW diesel engine, four 2000-kW auxiliary engines, a scrubber and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to comply with the requirements of IMO Tier III.

This state-of-the-art ship combines the intake of a multi-purpose vessel with a DP2, station-keeping ability of up to Bft 6, making it ideal for supplying large volumes and heavy cargo directly offshore. To obtain the fast, safe and efficient loading and discharge of pipes, both on and offshore, the vessel has a removable, automated, pipe-handling gantry crane installed. The B-Type is also equipped with two Huisman 500 mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes, making her suitable for both heavy lift transportation and offshore installation.  With 12,500 mt deadweight, an open top notation, more than 2,875 m2 of cargo deck space, two tween deck levels and 5,700 m2 of total deck space, the intake of the B-Type is significantly higher than existing offshore supply vessels.

The vessels’ particulars are: 12,500 DWT – L o.a. (l.l.) x B = 141.30 (136.50) x 24.50 metres. When used open-top, the draught is 7.85 metres. The vessels have two bow thrusters in tunnels (2 x 1950 kW) and two stern thrusters in tunnels (2 x 1100 kW) plus a retractable rudder propeller (1800 kW) in front and a retractable rudder propeller (1800 kW) at the stern. The service speed is 13 knots with a maximum of 15 knots.

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B-type courtesy of Spliethoff Group