The CIP-Series

Conoship International presents its new innovative, future-proof and environmentally friendly general cargo vessel’ CIP-Series. The beauty of Conoship’s approach lies in its flexibility, as it offers customers the opportunity to build their vessels in a shipyard of their choosing as well. A switch of fuel type to future fuels such as liquid hydrogen or ammonia is facilitated by smart arrangement design, where the requirements of the future fuels have been taken into account from the beginning of the conceptual design process.

Whether the client seeks the renowned craftsmanship of Groningen, the cost-effectiveness of India, or the specialization of Turkish shipyards, Conoship facilitates a seamless collaboration between the client and the chosen shipyard, resulting in the construction of vessels that optimise excellence.

The CIP-Series are designed to be ready for the future. To stay at the forefront of developments in Maritime Technology and to apply the latest innovations, Conoship has a strong focus on research and development. The company’s goal is to spot, develop and create new knowledge, innovations and possible applications for the Maritime Industry to provide clients with the best possible solutions. Conoship provides a future-proof solution and creative input so our clients can respond to a fast-changing regulatory framework.