Design Rationale 

The eConowind-unit is integrated in a 40 ft container from which two folding VentiFoils can be deployed: ridged aspirated wing profiles acting as sails. The VentiFoils are designed as optimal compact (non-rotating) wing profiles, creating superior thrust by means of the principle of boundary-layer-suction, for which ventilators are mounted in the VentiFoils.

Due to the generated thrust by the eConowind-unit, the thrust of the propeller can be reduced to maintain the same speed. This leads to fuel savings and emission reductions of 10 to 30%, depending on vessel type and number of eConowind-units, what brings us closer to IMOs goals on reduction of carbon emissions.


The eConowind-unit can be very easily retrofitted on existing vessels, especially if container fittings are available on deck or hatchcovers, or otherwise on a dedicated foundation. The eConowind unit can be mounted with regular twistlocks, enabling plug & play installation and/or removing from the hatchcovers for cargo loading and unloading. For new vessels Conoship can integrate eConowindunits (or individual VentiFoils) in the design on dedicated positions.

Autonomous operation

From a bridge-panel the eConowind-unit can be closed or initiated for operation. The eConowind-unit senses the wind speed and -direction and autonomously deploys the VentiFoils, adjusting the ventilator power and optimizing the angle of each VentiFoil relative to the apparent wind.
In heavy and/or unfavourable wind conditions the VentiFoils are closed down automatically, minimising crew efforts and ensuring safe operations.

Main particulars
Deployed12.20 × 2.44 × 13.30m
Closed12.20 × 2.44 × 02.60m
VentiFoil1.80-1.30 × 1.10 × 10.30m
Weight (complete)9,600kg
Centre of Gravity above container fitting
Electrical particulars
Power demand
Main power supply Ca. 20.0kW
Ventilators2× 7.5kW
Voltage3 phase, 400-460 V @50-60 Hz
Control unitPhoenix Axio-line PLC
Frequency controller2x Schneider Altivar
Operational conditions
Max. operational apparent wind speed17m/s
Thrust (max. continuous)25kN
Typical forces per container fitting (vessel specific)
Pull (up) / Push (down)80 / 140kN
Shear (forward) / Shear (sideways)40 / 40kN
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