Green and Digital Maritime Innovation Ecosystem Northern Netherlands

The maritime sector in the Northern Netherlands is pooling its knowledge and expertise to realize the technology needed for “green” shipping and digitalised shipbuilding. The “Green Maritime Coalition”, founded on the initiative of the Groninger Maritime Board and Conoship International, wants to lead the way in the transition to large-scale emission-free shipping. To this end, the partners are developing the “Green & Digital Maritime Innovation Ecosystem North-Netherlands” (GDMIEN-NL). The initiative is supported by the Province of Groningen and SNN with an EFRO subsidy of 1.4 million euros.

This consortium of 21 technology developers, shipping companies, shipyards, suppliers, laboratories, universities of applied sciences, and the University of Groningen is planning to lead the way in the transition to large-scale zero-emission shipping and digital shipbuilding.

This project creates the innovation ecosystem from which new cooperation structures are developed around at least four innovative technologies for the transition from fossil to renewable energy and two digital shipbuilding process applications:

Accelerate green shipping and digitalised shipbuilding

This innovative Dutch industrial maritime “ecosystem” has the potential to become a major world player in developing and supplying green technologies for shipping. These green technologies provide (the northern part of) the Netherlands with very concrete tools to accelerate the reduction of nitrogen and CO2. The general goal is to reduce emissions as far as possible. The aim is to have carbon emissions reduced by eighty percent by 2030.

Initial project partners of the Green & Digital Maritime Innovation Ecosystem Northern Netherlands:
Conoship International B.V., MSN B.V., Holthausen Clean Technology B.V., eCONOwind B.V., Bouman Industries B.V., Bijlsma Wartena B.V., Doze Management B.V., Koninklijke Niestern-Sander B.V., Eekels Technology B.V., Cadmatic B.V., Wijnne & Barends’ Cargadoors- en Agentuurkantoren B.V., Wagenborg Shipping B.V., ROC Friese Poort, Stichting NHL Stenden Hogeschool, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

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