Research & Consultancy

Innovation is an elementary part of a Conoship-design: this distinguishes our new designs from existing vessels. To stay at the fore-front of developments in Maritime Technology and to apply the latest innovations we have a strong focus on Research and Development.

Most of our new vessels are based on ‘proven designs’ but are always designed to achieve a great added valve. We believe that all of our newly gained experience should lead to further optimization, if possible in logical solutions that combine economy & ecology, saving both money and the environment. Some examples:

  • Fuel-saving aftship-design ‘ConoDuctTail©, based on integrated CFD-analysis. Applied on a series of 3.700tdw Sea-River vessels for long-term customer Wijnne Barends.
  • Wind-assisted propulsion with eConowind-Unit’, easy to fit on existing cargo vessels, leading to fuel-savings of 20 to 40%. If you are interested in wind assisted propulsion please visit the website of Econowind.
  • Slow-steaming ‘eCONOprop’-analysis, to investigate possible fuel-savings at (reduced) eco-speed by adapting the propulsion-system of existing vessels.
  • LNG-propulsion for Dredgers such as the TSHD Ecodelta and for Short Sea Shipping such as an ice-strengthed RoLo vessel.

International research and cooperation

Our goal is to spot, develop and create new knowledge, innovations and possible applications for the Maritime Industry to provide our challenging clients with the best possible solutions for their new designs.

Knowhow and disciplines

We are searching and developing knowledge and knowhow in a range of various disciplines, for example:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis for hull lines optimization.
  • Hazard Identification (HAZID) studies and Failure Mode Effect Critical Analysis (FMECA) for LNG applications in vessels.
  • Feasibility studies for LNG, Methanol, Scrubber, SCR, Hydrogen applications for fleet owners.
  • Fleet development strategies and new ship-concept-development for shipowners.
  • Propeller design and optimization in relation to hull design, considering aspects like ventilation, Ice class & Polar Class design.
  • Wind assisted propulsion for cargo ships, both developing the eCONOwind©-unit and the related aspects of stability, trim and drift.
  • Draught and deadweight increase of existing general cargo vessels by application of new load line regulations and probabilistic damage stability.
  • ‘Hatchcoverless’ studies for newbuilt and existing general cargo and project cargo vessels, supported by model testing.

Curious or do you have a innovative idea? Contact us to discuss what we can realise together!

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