Main particulars
Length over all120.80m
Length between perpendiculars111.90m
Breadth moulded16.80m
Gross Tonnage (approx.)6,900GT
Design speed14.0kn
Installed power4,500bkW
Propulsion2× 1,400bkW
Fuell Oil (approx.)510m3
Potable Water (approx.)530m3
Sewage (approx.)120m3
Number of passengers208PAX
Number of cabins104
Number of crew80PAX
Total Lifesaving for 300PAX

Design Rationale:

This arctic expedition cruise vessel has 104 large double passenger cabins of at least 19 m2, which are fitted in a ship with a length below 120 meters. The arrangement and watertight subdivision of the ship has been optimized to meet damage stability and escape requirements for passenger vessels. The hull is ice strengthened according to Polar Class 7. On the upper deck a full view observation lounge and on top a large sun deck is arranged.

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