Main particulars
Length over all171.00m
Length between perpendiculars143.25m
Breadth moulded32.00m
Draught design6.00m
Cruise speed16.0kn
Maximum speed17.5kn
Range @ cruise speed2,500nm
Total installed power13,000ekW
Propulsion power7,600bkW
Passengers decks4

The innovative and tank-tested CONO-SWA-Tri –Hull platform offers unique seakeeping characteristics, maneuverability, as well as providing stability advantages that enable among other large deck areas, and flexibility in the configuration of the superstructure.

The purpose of the CFC vessel is to offer her passengers an awe inspiring and eye-opening experience, as a constantly renewing moving showcase where the absolute pinnacle of human civilization and engineering is implemented and shown. Retracing yourself for a moment from your everyday, hectic life and being in the opportunity to find yourself in new or uncommon, inspirational environments that offer unique, one-off experiences.

The unconventional design of the superstructure offers an aerodynamic, fluent main shape and large panoramic windows that create a play of shadow and light, inspired by a forest canopy breathing with air and light.

A sight to be seen and experienced!

Key features:

  • Extensive model testing
  • Two story, spacious suites and seaview-promenade
  • Extensive structural analysis to ensure passenger safety and comfort, in terms of noise and vibrations
  • CFD calculations to optimize the location of the outriggers
  • Unconventional lightweight superstructure with canopy effects and ambiance
  • Exterior-Interior atmosphere impact simulations.
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