Main particulars
Length over all80.00m
Width over all44.00m
Length floater80.00m
Width floater14.00m
Transit draught7.00
Operational draught16.50
Speed (approx.)11.0kn
Total installed power (approx.)10,950ekW
Tank capacities
Water Ballast (approx.)9,500m3
Fuel Oil (MDO) (approx.)1,200m3
Potable Water (approx.)1,200m3

The deck box will consist of a double bottom height of 1.50 m, containing void spaces and waste tanks. The deck heights in the accommodation (200+ persons) will be such that the internal ceiling height will be at least 2.20 m. At the aft end of the deck box two (2) engine rooms are located. A space reservation is made for a moon pool for future diving or drilling activities.

The vessel will be equipped with three totally enclosed davit launched lifeboats with corresponding recovery system, suited for 100 persons each.

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