Houseboat concept by Rémi Parizot

At our company we always host one or more interns, with a mutual goal: they can learn from us and we from them. We aim for a diverse group, different backgrounds in study and nationality. In 2020 industrial designer Rémi Parizot, student at the School of Design Nantes Atlantique joined us. Not live, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but through digital ways. This is his asssigment: the HouseBoat Concept. 

“In spite of this more than troubled period, I had the chance during 4 months to participate in the design and modeling of a houseboat concept designed to meet the climatic and social challenges of tomorrow,” says Rémi. “I had the chance to contribute to this project within Conoship International which offered me a real professional interest. Special thanks to Geert Dokter for accompanying and encouraging me throughout the creative process, and to all the other people with whom I was able to collaborate.”

  • Rémi Parizot Houseboat Concept
  • Rémi Parizot Houseboat Concept (3)
  • Rémi Parizot Houseboat Concept
  • Rémi Parizot Houseboat Concept

You can find Rémi’s complete design on Behance:

Houseboat Concept on Behance

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