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Conoship International New Year’s reception 2019

Innovative ship propulsion and design: paving the road to zero emission shipping. On the 11th of January 2019, the annual Conoship New Year’s reception took place in MartiniPlaza in Groningen. More than 200 guests attended the successful reception with this year’s theme: Innovative ship propulsion and design: paving the road to zero emission shipping presented […]

Ecodelta-the new LNG consuming dredger

In 2015, the project Ecodelta was initiated by Van der Kamp, a Zwolle-based dredging company and Conoship International. Ecodelta is a trailing suction hopper dredger which consumes liquified natural gas (LNG). This one of a kind dredger has two main objectives: recover valuable material from the seabed and create a greater depth of water. The […]


CONOSHIP International decreases significantly the ecological footprint of shipping Conoship International B.V. is in continuous innovation since 1952. The passionate team of Conoship International delivers the next level in ship design by introducing equipment which support the positive human impact on Earth’s ecosystem. Since 2017, Conoship has been developing the eConowind-unit which is used to […]

Methanol as marine fuel

The potential of methanol as alternative marine fuel:                                                                            As member of the LeanShips project Conoship International plays a […]

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