Design Philosophy 

The m.v. ‘Fehn Courage’ was the first unit out of a newly developed series of general cargo vessels in 2010.

The box-shaped hold is of an open type, covered, by gantry crane operated pontoon hatches. Side tanks are running over the full length of the cargo section. Being free of frames and girders, the hold is easy to clean and maintenance-friendly.

The obstruction-free cargo hold can be subdivided into three compartments by two moveable partition grain bulkheads which can be placed at five different position in the hold. The hold has a capacity of 3420m3. The vessel’s airdraught is 9.25m above ballastdraught.

Length over all87.91 m
Length between p.p.84.98 m
Breadth moulded11.41 m
Depth5.80 m
Draught4.10 m
Deadweight2600 ton
Gross tonnage1905
Speed (service)10 kn
Main engine1325 kW
Auxiliary engines (2x)160 kW
Bow thruster250 kW
Hold dim.61.60 x 9.00 x 6.16 m
Cargo hold capacity120600 cb.ft
Tank top load15 t/m2
MDO47 m3
Gasoil39 m3
Potable water43 m3
Ballast water1616 m3
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