Navigating the North: Life as a Junior Employee in Groningen

Philip Borg Jabbari shares his experience with Conoship International

Working at Conoship International as an 18-year-old was an eye-opening experience that prepared me for my journey into the working world. Initially, I was a bit nervous since it was my first time working in an office environment. However, my colleagues at Conoship welcomed me warmly, which helped me get started with working. Their support eased my transition and built my confidence in effectively handling my tasks.

Groningen, the city where Conoship is located, is the perfect place to live as a young adult. The city’s vibrant energy, wonderful infrastructure, and frequent events made it an exciting place to be. The vibrant colours and positive atmosphere of Groningen made my daily bike rides to and from work a joy, providing a great sense of liberty and tranquillity.

The city’s lively student population and numerous activities created a balance between my professional and personal life.

My experience at Conoship made me discover more about the fascinating world of shipping, revealing ideas and innovations I had never considered before. The work environment was great, with hardworking, intelligent individuals at every desk, all actively participating in the company’s operations. The level of expertise and dedication among my colleagues was inspiring. It was clear that this environment made it possible for good ideas and solutions to be developed.

The social aspect of working in an office was a pleasant surprise. Contrary to my expectations of an office job being boring, I found it to be quite the opposite. The positive attitude, friendly greetings, and small talk around the office made me feel good. The tasks assigned to me were well-explained and straightforward, which helped me work with a clear head.

One of the highlights of my internship was attending Breakbulk Europe 2024 at Ahoy in Rotterdam. Setting up and breaking down Conoship’s stand at the event allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes workings of a major industry event. Observing the various companies involved in shipping and their impressive stands, underscored the industry’s vastness and importance in our everyday lives. I learned that most of the goods we use daily were transported by ships at some point, highlighting the critical role of maritime logistics in the global economy.

Conoship International - Jip

As my time at Conoship comes to an end, I realize I will miss coming to the office every day to see my colleagues and the very cute office mascot, Jip. This internship has been an invaluable experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive and dynamic environment. The skills and insights I have gained during this time are great, and I am sure they will serve me well in my future career aspirations.

Looking back, my internship at Conoship International was not just a professional experience but a significant personal journey as well. It allowed me to discover new interests, develop essential skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the maritime industry. I leave with a sense of accomplishment. This experience has undoubtedly been unforgettable.

Conoship International Groningen

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