5,875 tdw Multipurpose vessel on LNG Lady M-series

Design Philosophy  

For and in close cooperation with Wijnne Barends, Conoship International fulfilled to design a truly multipurpose vessel. The new Lady M-series is designed for transporting all kind of paper-related materials, in combination with the ability to sail “open top” and have a flush cargo deck to carry project cargo. Furthermore, the vessel has ice class 1A and, to comply with the sustainability goals of the owner, a dual-fuel installation (MGO and LNG).

After a successful hull optimization and model tests, Conoship performed the contract, basic and plan approval design and principle 3D construction engineering for Wijnne Barends.

Ice classFIN-SW 1A

Vessels in this series

  1. Lady Marie Christine – delivered January 24th 2022
  2. Lady Mathilde – launched January 21st 2022
  3. Lady Menna – launched April 25th 2022
  4. Lady Monique – launched June 18th 2022
Tank Capacity
Ballast water2,275m3
Fuel oil (MGO)223m3
Potable water50m3
Cargo hold details
Dimensions hold71.40 × 13.80 × 9.50m
Tanktop load15.00t/m²
Container intake on hatches149TEU
Main particulars
Length over all 115.20m
Length between perpendiculars107.59m
Breadth moulded16.50m
Depth to main deck8.50m
Depth to upper deck11.30m
Draught design6.20m
Deadweight @ T = 6.20 m5,875t
Gross Tonnage4,950GT
Nett Tonnage2,365NT
Design speed12.50kn

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Image (header) courtesy of Wijnne Barends

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