Submit your project and win a design sprint!

During the Design Sprint Days 2021 we want to give you a taste of working with us. A selection of our designers and engineers will work for five days on your project, with the aim of developing a rapid ‘protoype’ to demonstrate the feasibility of your ideas.

How do I apply?

You can apply online through the form below. The Jury will vote on all submissions and determine the winners. These will be published on January 27th 2021. 

For each application, information about you, your organisation and your project is requested. You can submit multiple ideas/projects.

Who can apply?
Only parties with a personal invitation can enter the competition.

What language should be used when submitting the application?
Applications need to be filled out in English.

What criteria will be considered by the jury in the selection process?
Different types of ideas are eligible to enter the competition. Ranging from for example new ship concepts to new process, to new services, to new equipment. We will select the winner by ranking the potential of the various ideas to fundamentally and radically change the shipping or shipbuilding industry with respect to one or more of the following aspects:

  • Sustainability / energy transition / emission reduction;
  • Bringing shipbuilding back to the North (of the Netherlands);
  • The changing role of the human factor in shipping / autonomous shipping.

How are the applications evaluated?
After the application deadline, the Jury reviews all submissions and determines a winner based on the scoring on the set criteria. The winners will be announced January 27th 2021.

Who are the Jury?
The Management Team of Conoship International.

Submit your project and contactdetails here

    Legal Disclaimer

    Your application will be handled confidential and deleted after the selection procedure. Applications can be sent in no later than January 20th 2021. Selection of the winner will be made after this and announced on January 27th 2021. The winner will be notified personally and be publicly announced on our website and our digital channels. The details of the submission or outcome of the Sprint will not be shared without consultation with the winner. Ownership of the submission and outcome remains with the applicant/winner.
    The exact date of the Sprint Days will be determined in consultation with the winner and also depends on the availability of our staff. The Sprint Days will take place either at our office in Groningen or online, depending on the winner’s location and the COVID-19 measures in place. Our office is equipped with various hygiene measures to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.