First LR approved EEXI

We are proud to announce that Lloyds Register has approved their first EEXI Calculation and Technical file, which was prepared by us for Boomsma Shipping. For all parties involved this was the first appraisal of an EEXI Technical file. Account manager Pim Bolt of Lloyds Register congratulates Conoship and Boomsma Shipping with the approval.

  • EEXI Boomsma Approved by LR

Be prepared and get your EEXI calculated now

Recently new mandatory regulations to cut the carbon intensity of existing ships have been approved by the IMO introducing an Energy Efficiency Design Index for existing ships (EEXI). With implementation of the EEXI a new International Energy Efficiency (IEE) Certificate is required for ships of 400 GT and above. Our experts can perform a pre-check and offer further assistance when the final EEXI is to be submitted to class for approval.

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EEXI Explained

The Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) is required to be calculated for ships of 400 GT and above, in accordance with the different values set for ship types and size categories. This indicates the energy efficiency of the ship compared to a baseline. Ships are required to meet a specific required EEXI, which is based on a required reduction factor (expressed as a percentage relative to the EEDI baseline).

With implementation of the EEXI, the issuance of a new International Energy Efficiency (IEE) Certificate is required for each ship. This certificate refers to the EEXI Technical File which contains general information on the ship, the calculation of the EEXI value attained and required, and copies of the documents from which the values applied for the EEXI calculation are taken. The EEXI Technical File must be submitted to class in time for approval and is required to be carried on board afterwards.

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