Recap of Breakbulk Europe 2022

How nice it was to meet so many of our clients again in person, after a two-year break due to the pandemic. 

What was most inspiring about Breakbulk Europe?

With more than 9,000 participants, the interest and networking were unprecedented The conversations we had with our (potential) clients concerning the challenges they face in their projects and how our (green) solutions for the shipping industry can make a difference were really inspiring.

What is the key takeaway from Breakbulk Europe?

From the conversations we had, we learned that both companies with logistical challenges as maritime service providers are shaping up to become ready for the future. They start to  embrace the solutions to initiate  decarbonising the shipping industry. Solutions range from LNG to Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol and full electric battery-driven ships. So, ‘how to decide what to choose?’ were topics discussed during as good as all the interesting conversations.

Our environmentally friendly CIP 3600 dwt general cargo vessel, which can be considered the new standard for low-air draught sea-river coasters, has attracted a lot of interest from people all over the world. This inspirers us to develop slightly bigger vessels based on the same philosophy in a size range from 5800 to 7500 dwt.

Want to learn more about our practical solutions for the shipping industry?

For sure, Conoship International will exhibit next year at Breakbulk Europe again. So make sure to save the date 6-8 June 2023!

If you don’t want to wait for the next Breakbulk Europe to learn more about Conoship International’s practical solutions for the shipping industry, download our Whitepaper ‘5 ways to zero’ or contact us.

Curious about all our practical solutions for low-emission and zero-emission ships?

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