Conoship International in short sea special SWZ|Maritime magazine

In this month’s SWZ|Maritime magazine’s short sea special, Conoship International invites you to discover a world of sustainable shipping innovation. Our article explores the future of green fuel and design, showcasing our commitment to reducing emissions and achieving the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

We are proud to be a part of the Dutch shipping industry’s mission to create a more sustainable future for shipping. With our innovative “ecosystem”, we’re leading the way in developing and supplying state-of-the-art green shipping technologies. By 2030, our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from short-sea shipping by 80%, making us a major global player in sustainable ship design.

Join us as we unveil our latest short-sea shipping designs and the design philosophy behind them. By incorporating future technologies into our cargo ship designs, we’re prepared for the future of emission-free goods transport. Let us inspire you to be a part of the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable shipping industry.