Guus van Der Bles highlights Conoship’s vision for sustainable shipping at Seven Oceans Simulator Centre inauguration

Conoship International attended the grand opening of the new Seven Oceans Simulator Centre (SOSc) at MARIN in Wageningen, an event graced by the presence of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands. Our Director of Development, Guus van der Bles, delivered an inspiring speech, underscoring our company’s substantial contributions to the maritime industry.

During his address, Guus emphasised Conoship’s commitment to innovative ship design, focusing on sustainability and future-proofing. Key themes from his speech included:

Innovation in Ship Design

Conoship is renowned for developing state-of-the-art ship designs that prioritise the reduction of harmful emissions, such as CO2 and nitrogen oxides. Our innovative approach ensures that our vessels meet and exceed environmental standards, setting new benchmarks in the maritime industry.

Sustainable Propulsion

A core aspect of our designs is integrating wind propulsion systems combined with liquid hydrogen. This combination creates more environmentally friendly ships, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of maritime transport. Our aim is to harness renewable energy sources to propel the industry towards a greener future.


Our ship designs are crafted to remain relevant and functional well into the future, up to and beyond 2050. This foresight ensures that the vessels we design today will continue to operate with low or zero emissions, adhering to future regulatory requirements and environmental expectations.

Simulator Testing

We utilise a large motion simulator to rigorously test our new ship designs and propulsion methods. This testing ensures that our vessels perform optimally under realistic conditions and allows us to assess their impact on crew members. The simulator is a critical tool in our development process, providing invaluable data and insights.

Vision for Sustainable Shipping

At Conoship, we have a clear vision for the future of sustainable shipping. By leveraging wind and alternative fuels, we strive to create efficient and eco-friendly maritime transport solutions. Our designs reflect our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry while maintaining high standards of performance and reliability.

MARIN Simulator | Conoship International

The following day, our Concept Designer & Hydrodynamic Specialist, Redmer van der Meer, provided an in-depth explanation of the design process behind our CIP6300 model. This model played a crucial role in the simulator’s demonstrations, showcasing the advanced capabilities and innovative features of our designs.

Witnessing the enthusiasm for the maritime sector at this significant moment in MARIN’s history was a remarkable experience. The grand opening of the Seven Oceans Simulator Centre marks a new era of maritime innovation and excellence, and Conoship International is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting journey.

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