10,100 tdw Ro-Ro vessel ‘Balticborg’

Design Rationale Balticborg

The ice-strengthened Sto-Ro vessel Balticborg and sister Bothniaborg, were completed by Volharding Shipyards based on our design in 2004 and delivered to the shipping company Royal Wagenborg. These vessels has been designed and constructed for the carriage of wood pulp, paper reels, containers and trailers. The ship design is arranged with three cargo decks, whereby sto-ro freight is accommodated on the main deck.

The main trading area of is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Therefore the vessel has been constructed in compliance with the Finish-Swedish ice class requirements. The vessels have two enclosed holds and an upper deck. A stern ramp gives access to the upper deck, main deck and tanktop. A fixed ramp on port side leads to the upper deck, where a fixed ramp at starboard leads to the tanktop. The wheelhouse is situated at the fore ship and the engine room is situated at the aft ship.

Balticborg was one of the first cargo vessels with BV class notations “Cleanship” and “Clean Air”. Resulting in a mention in the publication ‘Significant Small Ships of 2004’.

What did a ‘Cleanship’ notation mean in 2004? As you can imagine, rainwater or seawater that falls on deck gets polluted if there’s oil and grease on there. And that would wash away into sea. Balticborg is equipped with a solution for this: environmental pollution is prevented by collecting deck water into a zero dumping tank and filtering it before being pumped overboard.

Another part of the green notation is the paint of a ship. So solvent-free paints are used on the hull or in tanks where possible and water-based paints are used within accommodation and engine room spaces of Balticborg.

Length over all153.05 m
Length between p.p.144.20 m
Breadth moulded21.60 m
Depth to maindeck6.35 m
Depth to upperdeck15.20 m
Draught (summer)7.10 m
Deadweight10100 ton
Gross tonnage12460
Speed (service)16.5 kn
Ice ClassFinish-Swedisch 1A
Trailer load upper deck36 stc.
Trailer load main deck49 stc.
Trailer load bottom24 stc.
Container load upper deck50 TEU
Container load main deck110 TEU
Container load bottom48 TEU
Capacity upper hold462075 cb. ft
Capacity lower hold216295 cb. ft
Main engine9450 kW
Auxiliary engines532 kW
Bow trhusters (2x)515 kW
Stern thruster515 kW
HFO710 m3
MDO165 m3
Potable water107 m3
Ballast water570 m3

Images courtesy of Royal Wagenborg, Maritime Connector and Marek H.

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