2,500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Andre L’

Design Philosophy Andre L

This vessel is basically intended for the gaining of sand from the sea. Loading occurs by means of a submerged dredge pump and discharge is possible via four bottom doors and via a shore delivery line and bow coupling. The ship has been constructed with a raked straight stem, a straight stern and a bulbous bow. The propeller runs in a nozzle which is supported to the ship’s hull via a headbox. All accommodations, engine room, navigation bridge and dredging controls are arranged aft. The hopper geometry has been designed enabling good discharging characteristics both for bottom discharging and for shore delivery.

Barkmeijer Shipyards delivered the trailing hopper suction dredger ‘Andre L’ to the french dredging company DTM.

Length over all84.85 m
Length between p.p.80.30 m
Breadth moulded15.20 m
Depth7.70 m
Draught5.70 m
Deadweight (T= 5.70)3783 ton
Dredging draught6.50 m
Deadweight (T= 6.70)4697 ton
Speed (service)14 kn
Main engine3000 kW
Shaft generator2400 kW
Auxiliary engines (2x)1080 kW
Bow thruster400 kW
Diameter of dragarm600 mm
Max. dredge depth25 m
Sand pump output1700 kW
Jet pump output450 kW
Hopper capacity2300 m3
Density of hopper load1.0 – 2.2 t/m3
Gasoil232 m3
Potable water46 m3
Ballast water556 m3
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