3,500 tdw Ro-Ro vessel R2 Carrier ‘Baltic’

Design Philosophy R2 Carrier

For, and in close co-operation with Gobal Seatrade and Hartman Shipbuilding, Conoship International developed a general cargo vessel specialized in the transport of heavy cargo.

The challenge in this project was to get a maximum deck area and hold volume within the size limitations (GT, Length between perpendiculars) of the vessel. Based on the proven hull form of the M2 Runner type, a ro-ro carrier with a single hold and stern ramp has been developed.

The ability of open top sailing in combination with her ro-ro loading principle, a telescopic spud pole of 14.5 m and a stern ramp of 6.0 by 7.0 m, the vessel is capable of transporting voluminous and heavy cargo. The vessel has also an IMO dangerous goods notation to cargo nuclear cargo.

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