3,700 tdw Sea-River Liner Lady A

Design Philosophy Lady A-series

The Lady Anna is the first in a series of 3.700 tdw Sea-River vessels, ordered by Conoship’s long-term customer Wijnne Barends. The design is a joint project with Groot Ship Design, where Conoship developed the concept design, focusing on the hydrodynamic aspects and optimization of the hull form. This innovative high payload vessel will sail on the coastal waters of Europe, the Trollhättan Canal and the rivers Rhine and Seine at a very low fuel consumption.

Extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations have been performed to achieve an optimized bulbous bow, including a four-channel bow thruster. Additional CFD calculations have been applied on the aft ship: a combination of a high efficiency nozzle-design, propeller-design and tunnel-shape optimization. This endeavour results in an innovative aft body which enables the vessel to reach a service speed of 10 knots at the limited power of 749 kW.

Length over all88.00 m
Length between p.p.84.98 m
Breadth moulded13.35 m
Depth7.05 m
Draught (scantling)4.90 m
Deadweight (scantling)3700 ton
Draught (design)4.30 m
Deadweight (design)3000 ton
Gross tonnage2570
Speed (service)10 kn
Main engine749 kW
Auxiliary engines (1x)388 kVa
Auxiliary engines (1x)140 kVa
Emergency generator82 kVa
Bow thruster265 kW
Hold dim.62.30 x 10.80 x 12.80
Cargo hold capacity181000 cb.ft
Tank top load15 t/m2
Gasoil110 m3
Potable water36 m3
Ballast water1850 m3
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