4,220 tdw Multipurpose vessel Lady H-series

The new Lady H series is designed for transporting all kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice. Therefore, the vessel features an Ice Class 1A notation and a special designed headbox-tunnel and nozzle, ensuring sufficient thrust and speed.

Due to model tests in ice, the installed power for ice class vessel could be kept at a very low level. Resulting in 1,600 bkW for main engine power. Besides, an additional 400 ekW of PTI propulsion power is available for the most heavy situations encountered.

It features a hold with straight walls for easy cargo intake. The hold length of 67.2m, in combination with the Open Top (hatchcoverless) notation and a tanktop load of 15.0 t/m2, enables the vessel to ship large and heavy project cargo as well.

Compared to the original Lady H vessels, the HFO installation was removed from the design, enabling the vessel to fully sail on MDO/MGO, lowering the greenhouse gas emissions.

Vessels in this series

  1. Lady Hanneke – delivered 18th of September 2019
  2. Lady Hestia – delivered 7th of January 2020
  3. Lady Hedwig – delivered 7th of December 2020
  4. Lady Harriet – delivered 2nd of May 2021
  5. Lady Habarka – delivered 21st of July 2021
  6. Lady Hannah – delivered 30th of November 2021
Main engine1,600 kW
PTI400 eKW
Auxiliary engines 460 + 165 ekW
Bow thruster250 bkW
Fuel consumption @ 11.0 kn4.3 t/d
Hold dimensions67.20 × 11.20 × 8.34 m
Cargo hold capacity 213,000 cu.ft
Tanktop load15 t/m2
Length over all98.20 m
Length between p.p.95.30 m
Breadth moulded13.50 m
Depth7.80 m
Draught5.60 m
Deadweight @ T = 5.60m4220 ton
Gross tonnage2999
Speed (service)11.0 kn

Pictures (aerial photo’s) courtesy of Martijn Danser 

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