6,850 tdw RoLo vessel on LNG

Design Philosophy 

For and in close cooperation with Bore (part of the Spliethoff group), Conoship International designed an ice-strengthed roll on, lift off (RoLo) vessel dedicated for the transportation of paper products. The ship had to comply with all technological,
operational, and environmental standards of the client with a strong focus on sustainability.

The 120m, 7,000dwt vessels will have a speed of around 15 knots and will be ice-class Swedish/Finnish 1A. The new design meets the flexible cargo transportation requirements of forest products in different forms and will also be able to take RoRo cargo, be suitable for container transport, and be loaded with both high and heavy as well as project cargo. The vessels will be built during 2020 – 2021 and will bring Bore’s operated fleet to 11 vessels. The new vessels will serve under a long-term charter agreement with UPM.

After the successful concept design phase, Conoship performed the contract, basic and plan approval design and principle 3D construction engineering for Bore and will be the design and engineering partner during the complete building phase.

Main particulars
Length over all121.89m
Length between perpendiculars114.09m
Breadth moulded21.00m
Depth to weather deck12.40m
Draught design6.75m
Deadweight @
T = 6.75 m
6,850 t
Service speed13.50kn
Main engine (DF)3,180bkW
Auxiliary generator sets2 × 250bkW
Bow thruster500bkW
Tank Capacity
Ballast water5,069m3
Fuel oil (MGO)330m3
Potable water113m3
Cargo hold details
Dimensions hold65m
Tanktop load6.00t/m2
Container intake
In hold132TEU
On deck132TEU
Ice classFIN-SW 1A

Vessels in this series

  1. MV Bore Wind – delivered February 21st, 2023
  2. MV Bore Wave – delivered November 9th, 2022
  3. MV Bore Way – delivered April 27th, 2022

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Artist impressions by Sikko Valk and courtesy of Bore Ltd.

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