Anchor-handling tug/supply vessel SMIT-LLOYD 72

Design Philosophy 

The SMIT-LLOYD 72, launched in 1981, is the first of a series of four vessels for owner Smit-Lloyds B.V. from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The vessel has been constructed as an anchor-handling tug/supply vessel under class A.B.S. + A1 (E) ACCU Ocean Going Supply Vessel and according to the regulations of the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate. With an engine output of 2 x 3000 H.P. the free running speed is about 13,7 knots whereas during trials a static bollard pull of 77 ton was achieved.

Deck equipment and cargo capacities
For the anchorhandling operations the vessel is equipped with an electrically driven anchorhandling-towing winch in a seperate winch room with a pulling force of 70 ton and a pull at stall of 150 ton.
Two chain lockers for rig chains and a special rope store with wirereel are fitted.
The unobstructed cargodeck, 29.40 x 10.50 + 3.50 x 8.40 m, is suitable for a deckload of 5 ton/m² and a total capacity of 620 ton.
The pneumatic bulk system consists of 6 vertical pressure tanks with a total capacity of 6300 cb.ft. for barite and cement.
Tank capacities are: drilling water/waterballast 686 m³, fresh water 214 m³ and fuel oil 494 m³.

Propulsion and machinery
The propulsion plant consists of two diesel engines, make Bolnes type 18V-DNL developing each 3000 H.P. at 600 r.p.m. coupled to Kuypers-van Tol reduction gear and Lips variable pitch propellers in fixed nozzles.
Electricity is generated by one shaft generator 400 kW, two auxiliary sets each 270 kW and one emergency generator set 135 kW. Electric distribution systems 440/220 Volt 3 phase, 60 cycles.
An electrically driven bowthruster of 500 H.P. has been installed in the foreship.

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Principal Particulars
Length over all60.48 m.
between perpendiculars52.20 m.
Breadth moulded13.70 m.
Depth6.50 m.
Draught5.25 m.
Deadweight1283 ton
Gross tonnage1235.78 R.T.
Net tonnage459.73 R.T.

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