General cargo vessel EasyMax

Design Philosophy EasyMax

For, and in close co-operation with Royal Wagenborg and Royal Niestern Sander, we developed  the EasyMax-type: a next generation Open Top (hatch coverless) ICE-classed 1A general cargo vessel.

The challenge in this project was to get a maximum hold volume, maximum deadweight and minimal fuel consumption within the size limitations of the vessel. The combined effort of the shipyard, the owner, and us resulted in a fuel efficient, high capacity (cargo intake and hold capacity) general cargo vessel but without any major increase in overall dimensions or tonnage. The ability of Open Top sailing in combination with the bridge on the forward side of the vessel enhances the vessels flexibility for high special cargo.

In addition, an energy-efficient propulsion system only of a 2,999 kW engine is installed, which leads to a service speed of 11.0 kn and a extremely low fuel consumption and saves over 60% in CO2- emissions compared to her peer group. The hull shape has also been optimised for various different draughts, resulting in an ultra-low Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), a true champion in efficiency and sustainability in her class. Therefore, we are very proud of our role in this project and this one of a kind multipurpose Open Top vessel.

Picture (header) courtesy of Koninklijke Niestern Sander

Main particulars
Length over all (incl.. fenders)149.95m
Length between perpendiculars147.30m
Breadth overall15.90m
Depth to main deck12.20m
Draught winter8.42m
Deadweight at T = 8.42 m14,300t
Deadweight (Open top)11,000t
Gross Tonnage8,878GT
Nett Tonnage4,321NT
Service speed11.00kn
Main engine (MaK 6M32C)2,999bkW
Bow thruster750bkW
Auxiliary generator sets2 × 360bkW
Fuel consumption at 11.00 kn9.00t/d
Tank Capacity
Ballast water4,740m3
Fuel oil (HFO)510m3
Fuel oil (MGO)76m3
Potable water52m3
Cargo hold details
Dimension hold 147.36 × 13.50 × 12.10m
Dimension hold 264.38 × 13.50 × 12.10m
Tanktop load15.00t/m2

Maritime KNVR shipping award winner 2017

The first vessel in a series of six, named Egbert Wagenborg after the founding farther of Royal Wagenborg, won the Maritime KNVR shipping award in 2017. An award all involved parties are very proud of!

Read more about Egbert Wagenborg on the website of Wagenborg

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