Research Vessel ‘Wim Wolff’

Design Philosophy Wim Wolff

Early 2018 we were commissioned by NIOZ | NWO-I to develop the successor of their 30-year-old research vessel Navicula. The goal was to develop a tender specification with underlying design based on the wishes and requirements of all stakeholders.

After a long and intensive design, research and consultancy process, starting with a broad scale of solutions, the result was a concept design that excels in efficiency, speed, manoeuvrability and sea-going behaviour within the set constraints. In addition, much attention was given to (future) solutions to make the vessel emission free.

The European tender specification has been formulated in such a way that there is a good mix between functional and technical specifying, taking into account all European tender rules. We are therefore very proud that in early 2020, NIOZ | NWO-I took the decision to built the new research vessel, named Wim Wolff, at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Harlingen, which will be commissioned in 2023.

Follow the construction of the RV Wim Wolff  on the website of NIOZ

Main particulars
Length over all 36.00
Length between perpendiculars34.56m
Breadth moulded10.00m
Depth to main deck3.38m
Draught (design)1.00
Draught (max.)1.20m
Gross Tonnage499GT
Service speed10kn
Installed power (3 diesel generator sets)680ekW
Propulsion2 × 250bkW
Bow thruster100/120bkW
Tank Capacity
Ballast water85m3
Fuel oil (MGO)38m3
Potable water19m3
Deck Equipment Capacity
Deck area120m2
Deck crane (SWL)1.50t
A-frame (SWL)5.00t

Pictures courtesy of NIOZ / NWO-I

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