Deo Volente

Metamorphosis Conoship

In this decade Conoship sets a new course as is explained in its periodical Newsletter: “Due to the diminishing number of member shipyards (10), Conoship International has implemented a change of business policy. Since the beginning of January 2004, the company has also started to work directly for shipowners and other maritime and logistic players, as well as for a limited number of other shipyards, both in the Netherlands and abroad.”

This new policy results in Conoship creating with and for Hartman Marine BV the design of their new dry cargo ship. In 2007 this vessel, MS Deo Volente, was rewarded the KNVTS ‘Ship of the Year Award’. The dry cargo ship has very special qualities and meets specific demands. Considering different travelling distances, speeds and fuels, despite the increasing daily and fuel costs, the fast ship proved much more efficient in terms of net proceeds per pay. The vessel is in service since January 2007 and the operational capabilities and vessel economics have proven to be above all expectations.

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