MV Ankie and the VentiFoil system

Research & Development

Starting with the development of the ConoDuctTail in 2012, this decade is fully dedicated to further improving fuel efficiency through research and development. Other noteworthy events are winning the KNVTS Maritime Award in 2015 for Walk to Work vessel Kroonborg and in 2019 for the eConowind-unit.


ConoDuctTail Development    Offshore_Maintenance_Support_Vessel    Carolina Ventifoils Econowind
ConoDuctTail  (2012)                                       Walk to Work Vessel (2015)                               Econowind-units (2019)


With the ConoDuctTail the propulsive efficiency is maximized by optimizing an aft ship shape with a duct, a nozzle and a propeller with a large diameter. The optimized ducted-tunnel design results in a considerable reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.

Walk to Work vessel Kroonborg

Based on the statement “a changing offshore world demands an innovative vessel” Conoship developed for, and in close cooperation with Royal Wagenborg and Royal Niestern Sander a new type of specialized offshore support and maintenance “Walk to Work” (W2W) vessel, named Kroonborg.


The eConowind-unit is an easy-to-mount unit to enable wind assisted propulsion for existing and new cargo ships. Market introduction started in 2019 and several ships are now sailing with it, achieving fuel savings of 20% to even 50%.