The Northern contribution in the transition to zero emission

Introducing the recently founded ‘Green Maritime Coalition’: a collaboration of knowledge centers, universities, shipping companies, shipyards and subcontractors that aims to be internationally pioneering in the transition to large-scale emission-free shipping.

In collaboration with shipping companies as launching customers we are planning to realize a completely emission-free European Short Sea Shipping; transforming ‘our’ maritime industry into a knowledge center and producers of emission-free maritime transport. We do not intend to do this with fancy plans on paper, but by means of tangible projects right here, in the Northern Netherlands.

The northern shipbuilding industry could achieve a CO2 reduction of 10 million tons per year before 2030. Committing to the construction of zero-emission ships will not only result in job retention for the region, it also provides thousands of new jobs. These are some of the elements of the plan that the Green Maritime Coalition presented to the Groningen Maritime Board on May 31st.