Newbuild News

The newbuild MPV on LNG for Wijnne Barends is taking shape at the Wuhu Shipyard. 

Conoship has been involved in the development of the series of ships for some time and we are very proud to share the progress. In 2019, we signed a contract with Wijnne Barends for the concept, basic and plan approval design and principle 3D principle construction engineering of four multi-purpose vessels on LNG. The main purpose of these vessels would be to transport several kinds of paper related cargo for UPM, such as wood, pulp, and so on.

  • Drawing of MPV for Wijnne Barends

Upon finishing the basic design, the Chinese WuHu Shipyard continued with the detailed engineering and the build of the vessels. Conoship will stay involved during the entire process from build to launch and christening.

  • Newbuild Wijnne Barends_Lady_Wuhu Shipyard

Pictures courtesy of Wijnne Barends