First Bore RoLo launched

The newbuild RoLo on LNG for Bore was launched at the Wuhu Shipyard in China and delivery is expected within some months.

RoLo vessel on LNG

For and in close cooperation with Bore (part of the Spliethoff group), we designed this ice-strengthed roll on, lift off (RoLo) vessel dedicated for the transportation of paper products. The 120m, 7,000dwt vessels will have a speed of around 15 knots and will be ice-class Swedish/Finnish 1A. The new design meets the flexible cargo transportation requirements of forest products in different forms and will also be able to take RoRo cargo, be suitable for container transport, and be loaded with both high and heavy as well as project cargo.

  • Drawing of MPV for Bore

Images and video courtesy of Bore