Gelibolu Shipyard proudly launched Conoship International’s diesel-electric 3600 tdw general vessel

Gelibolu Shipyard proudly launched Conoship International’s diesel-electric 3600 tdw general vessel on February 2nd. Bearing the mark of collaboration between Conoship and Gelibolu Shipyard, the vessel, identified as NB60, is a testament to innovation, future-proofing, and environmental consciousness in the realm of general cargo transport for inland and coastal waters. 

The CIP3600 is a remarkable achievement, drawing inspiration from proven designs and embodying Conoship’s vision for an eco-friendly and forward-thinking cargo vessel. At Gelibolu Shipyard, the construction of this vessel was a high-value project, seamlessly aligning with their expertise in building small-to-medium size river-sea vessels and their proficiency in diesel-electric propulsion from previous offshore projects.

Gelibolu Shipyard - Launch CIP3600

Oya Aksoy, a board member of Gelibolu Shipyard, shared insights into the collaboration, stating, “The CIP 3600 was a strong proposal for us. We were impressed with the research that had gone into the design, from modern building techniques to features regarding the vessel’s operation. It was also important to us that the design balanced practicality with the long-view over the vessel’s lifetime, allowing for flexibility regarding future fuel innovations and changes in emissions legislation.”

The shipyard’s in-house teams for steelwork, piping, electrical, painting, and outfitting ensured a smooth building process, maintaining continuity of knowledge and skills. Aksoy emphasised the importance of effective communication with Conoship’s project management team, highlighting their ongoing support throughout the construction.

This successful launch marks a significant achievement for both Conoship International and Gelibolu Shipyard, showcasing the possibilities when industry leaders collaborate to shape the future of maritime transportation. Roel Blom, Project Manager at Conoship International remarked that it was

Wonderful to witness a smooth launching of NB60. We spent many years developing this design and have had excellent cooperation with Gelibolu Shipyard over the last year. Exciting to see the ship in the water!

The CIP3600 is now set to embark on its journey, representing a new era in innovative, environmentally conscious cargo vessels.