Conoship International New Year’s Reception 2024

Reflecting on a Memorable New Year’s Reception


This year’s gathering themed around “The Strategic Interests of the Dutch Maritime Manufacturing Industry” and provided a platform to delve into the pivotal aspects of our industry. The evening unfolded with a captivating presentation by Frank Bekkers, setting the stage for an insightful panel discussion. Attendees actively engaged in exploring the vast potential of the maritime sector, marking the event as an occasion for meaningful discourse.

The impact of our New Year’s Reception will keep resonating throughout this year, thanks to the choice of a relevant theme for discussion. The enriching exchange of views has left a lasting impression, making this year’s event truly memorable. A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to our main speaker, distinguished panellists, and our cherished maritime colleagues for being present.

Conoship’s commitment to navigating the seas of change was emphasized, with a resolute focus on emission reduction and adaptability. Against the backdrop of the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape, the discussions underscored the importance of charting a course that aligns with contemporary challenges.

As we reflect on the success of the evening, we renew our dedication to the maritime industry and look forward to another year of progress, collaboration, and shared accomplishments.


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