Recap of Breakbulk Europe 2024

Connecting with Industry Leaders at Breakbulk 2024

We had an outstanding experience at Breakbulk Europe 2024, an event that brought together over 9,000 participants from around the globe. It provided a unique platform for us to engage with our clients, forging valuable connections in the process. The discussions we had, particularly surrounding the challenges and the potential of our green shipping solutions, were insightful and inspiring. The industry is moving towards decarbonisation, and we’re proud to be a part of that movement.

“This event offers us a great opportunity to engage with key decision-makers from various sectors within the Breakbulk ecosystem. At Conoship, we’re committed to driving innovation and technological advancement in the maritime industry. Witnessing the industry’s collective efforts towards future-proofing their operations reaffirms our belief that sustainability is the only viable path forward,” remarks Maarten Sickler, Sales Director at Conoship International.

Conoship’s revolutionary CIP-series of General Cargo Vessels got significant attention from attendees worldwide. These vessels represent the future of short-sea shipping, boasting versatility, reliability, and adaptability tailored to the evolving needs of the maritime sector. Additionally, the eConowind VentoFoil units, with their cutting-edge aerodynamic innovations, generated considerable interest among visitors to our stand.

In addition to showcasing our technological prowess, our company actively participated in the Brunch for Women in Breakbulk, a panel that brought together women from diverse sectors to exchange insights on mentorship within the maritime, project cargo, and breakbulk industry. It was heartening to observe the strides women are making in what has traditionally been a male-dominated domain.

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