Launch of Lady Hannah

The ceremonial launch of Lady Hannah took place on October 7th, 2021 at the Chowgule shipyard in Goa (India) where the priest blessed the ship and her crew during a Puja ceremony. Lady Hannah is the 6th and last vessel of this series.

Puja or pooja is a worship ritual performed by Hindus to offer devotional homage and prayer to one or more deities, to host and honour a guest, or to spiritually celebrate an event. In India, ships have historically been launched with a Puja ceremony that dedicates the ship to a Hindu god or goddess, and seeks blessings for her and her sailors. In the 20th century, ships are launched with a lady breaking a coconut on the bow of the vessel, which is sometimes followed by a small Puja.

  • Lady Hedwig

Lady H – series

The new Lady H series is designed for transporting all kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice. Therefore, the vessel features an Ice Class 1A notation and a special designed headbox-tunnel and nozzle, ensuring sufficient thrust and speed.

The first three Ladies, Hanneke, Hestia and Hedwig, have been delivered to long term client Wijnne Barends between September 2019 and December 2020. We have a long relationship with Wijnne Barends in the construction and development of coastal vessels. The design of this ship is based on the previous Lady H series and has been improved to comply with SOLAS2009 requirements.  Furthermore an ECO mode integration with optimal propeller revs for reduced fuel consumption has been implemented into this ICE1A vessel.

  • LAdy HEstia

The Lady H series is being built in India and has a deadweight carrying capacity of over 4,200 tons and a length of 98 meters. It complies with the increased environmental requirements that apply to newbuildings (IMO Tier III standard). Compared to existing comparable ships in the fleet of Wijnne Barends, an improvement of the stern and more optimal propulsion has improved fuel consumption by an average of 15%.

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Images courtesy of Wijnne Barends B.V.