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Our heritage

In 1952 Conoship International was founded as a central design and purchase office for a group of Northern Dutch shipyards. Today we are an independent company and our activities have expanded and we provide designs and services to shipyards and ship owners from all over the world. This year, 2022, marks our 70th Anniversary in the maritime industry.

Let us go back in time...

Cono Industrie Groep
Cono Industrie Groep Annual Report 1982_cover

Out of Centraalstaal the successful Central Industry Group - CIG - was created through expansion and broadening of activities. However, their fifth year was tough due to the world wide recession as can be read in the annual report: “1982 was our…
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Success in series

“Forty vessels, mostly 90 to 160 meters length, were delivered last year by the associated shipyards of Conoship International. By joining forces in Conoship, the shipyards were very successful in obtaining repeat orders for their multi-purpose dry cargo vessels. The vessels were…
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The Matchmaker
Logo Conoship International_1995

Around 1995 Conoship International created a corporate promotional movie. You can watch the total process of designing, engineering a building a vessel from back in the day. Starring the Conofeeder 200 ‘Bermuda Islander’. We've come a long way since then, while building…
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Metamorphosis Conoship
Deo Volente

In this decade Conoship sets a new course as is explained in its periodical Newsletter: "Due to the diminishing number of member shipyards (10), Conoship International has implemented a change of business policy. Since the beginning of January 2004, the company has…
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Research & Development
MV Ankie and the VentiFoil system

Starting with the development of the ConoDuctTail in 2012, this decade is fully dedicated to further improving fuel efficiency through research and development. Other noteworthy events are winning the KNVTS Maritime Award in 2015 for Walk to Work vessel Kroonborg and in…
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Conoship Green Solutions
Netherlands, Europe

The main focus of this decade will be the global energy transition and making shipping more sustainable. With our long history in the design of fuel efficient ships and a proven track record in the development of emission reduction measures for ships,…
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What can we do for you?

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