The Challenge of Big Data

The Challenge of Big Data, Conoship Internationals New Years reception

The 2017 Conoship New Year’s Event was a big success. Despite the early morning snow and the icy weather, many guests came to Groningen to toast to an exciting 2017.

Through the interesting presentations at our mini-symposium we got a glimpse of what the future might hold for the maritime industry: The Challenge of Big Data.

After Guus van der Bles (Conoship) shared Conoship’s thoughts on a number of subjects, including the potential of Big Data in Ship design, the questions it might raise and how Conoship is innovating and getting ready for the future, four other speakers followed and presented their view on big data from their own field of expertise.

Geert Schouten (Shipbuilder) showed us how big data has already been implemented in ship design and what advantages it can bring us through his program “Shipbuilder.” As an example, using a random GA and the application of augmented reality he showed us only a small part of what big data can mean not only for designers but also for ship-owners and shipyards.

Dan Veen (We4Sea) shared in a very clear presentation how his program uses big data to reduce fuel consumption up to 20% leading to lower emissions and getting grip on CO2 output. All this to save costs and at the same time comply with the latest emission regulations.

Robert Hekkenberg (TU Delft) put forth some interesting questions about autonomous shipping, referring to many commercial and non-commercials initiatives building on this subject. A Dutch Joint Industry Project and a European project concerning Autonomous Shipping are about to start, which should lead to two actual operational demonstrators.

Gijsbert de Jong (Bureau Veritas) presented to us how the class societies are getting ready for the future and how big data could bring all parties in shipbuilding closer together and make classification better and easier as well as part of the whole process of shipbuilding and shipping.

Conoship wants to thank all the guests for their presence and especially the speakers for their inspiring presentations.

We wish you all the best for 2017 and are certain that together we can make the best designs and vessels of the future.