CONOSHIP International decreases significantly the ecological footprint of shipping

Conoship International B.V. is in continuous innovation since 1952. The passionate team of Conoship International delivers the next level in ship design by introducing equipment which support the positive human impact on Earth’s ecosystem.

Since 2017, Conoship has been developing the eConowind-unit which is used to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The unit has two foldable VentiFoils which create a superior thrust. Two, four or six units can be fitted on a vessel. In the case of two eConowind-units on a vessel with 5000 ton cargo, it is expected that the average fuel savings and reduction of emissions will be between 10 to 20%. The first trials of testing at sea have been successful and the results are promising. Therefore, Conoship International makes a big step towards emission free shipping.

Conoship strives to add more value to the development of new as well as future equipment which will decrease the ecological footprint. In this manner, the organization advocates the philosophy of a global citizenship by initiating a forthcoming transition to the usage of more renewable energy systems. As a result, Conoship has launched and is involved in several research projects for alternative fuels. In the next years, Conoship will present designs for a fleet that will be able to fulfil any foreseeable future demands, up to zero-emission.

Methanol as marine fuel

The potential of methanol as alternative marine fuel:                                                                            LeanShips

As member of the LeanShips project Conoship International plays a great role in the research of the possibility to use methanol as a marine fuel.

With its simple molecule, methanol has great potential to become the future marine fuel as it is safe to handle, environmentally friendly and can be produced from a large number of available raw materials from natural gas to biomass.

Conoship International already has a wide experience with assessments for conversions on existing ships but we also developed several new ship designs where the use of methanol as main fuel has a central role. These designs are made for new builds that will be powered with methanol as main fuel from the build or are easy to convert from one type of fuel to another.

Beside the technical part Conoship International has also developed a great Economic Assessment Tool. With this program several combinations of ship types, voyages and used fuel can be analyzed to compare alternative fuel options and to get an optimal prediction of the cost and returns for these scenarios.


Why methanol,

No sulfur and low NOx > near to zero emission.Methanol

Still liquid under ambient circumstances so easy and safe to transport and store.

Dilutes in water so no environmental harm in case of spills.

Already adopted within the provisional rules and regulations of Lloyd’s Register.

Widely available all around the world.

Can be used as fuel for combustion engines and also with a DMFC (Direct Methanol fuel Cell)


Is it Green?

With methanol as a fuel you are in compliance with Tier III regulations without any further aftertreatment.

Methanol has a very small ecologic footprint as it can be produced from a variety of renewable sources.

Methanol readily dissolves in water and biodegrades rapidly.


Conoship International will keep on investing in new designs and knowledge and we are ready to help you with questions about new solutions for your future ship propulsion.

European Commission Horizon 2020


Sanaborg Ragnar

Refit Icebreaker to Superyacht

In the summer of 2017 Conoship’s research and Consultancy department was assigned with the conversion design study for an icebreaker vessel (originally also designed by Conoship International) to a luxurious explorer super yacht. On basis of the owners and Icon Yachts’ wishes and demands we provided a technical general arrangement plan together with a positive advice for the technical feasibility of the refit.

Together with Icon Yachts architects we fit the needs and class of a luxurious explorer yacht into an existent icebreaker/maintenance vessel within current rules and regulations and modern technical demands. Keeping the characteristics of the ship, resulting in a modern yacht like no other.

With the owners and Icon Yachts’ approval we are proud to announce that Conoship Internationals naval architects proceed with the refit of this conversion. Carrying out the basic design including rules and regulations study (large yacht code 3 and polar code), construction, arrangements drawings and HVAC design and integration Conoship International has proven again to be a design and engineering company with great expertise in a wide range of vessels.

For more information about other refits, luxury yachts, explorer vessels, cruise vessels, other vessels or research and consultancy in the maritime industry, please check our ships or contact us at

Website eConowind

Launching new website eConowind

Launching new website eConowind

With the launch of the new website:, eConowind takes another step in the promotion and development of Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion with the eConowind-unit, for which a 12m full scale prototype is under construction.

The eConowind unit is a product of eConowind: a Dutch based company, daughter of Conoship International and HCP. The development of an economical Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion-unit that can easily be applied on new and existing vessels was initiated by Conoship. The resulting eConowind-unit is a combined effort with eConowind BV and an important step to realize Conoship International’s vision on a future of emission-free shipping. That goes beyond the IMO 2020 goal to reduce the future fleet CO2 output.

The development of the eConowind-unit is supported by the European Union and the three northern Dutch counties (SNN) with the VIA funding for regional development.

For further details about the eConowind-unit please visit the new website at or visit our presentation on the latest VentiFoil developments in the Natural Propulsion seminar on Wednesday May 30th in the BlueWeek 2018 in STC in Rotterdam.

Research & Development

Conoship International has a strong focus on research & development and the application of R&D-results in innovative ship designs, improving efficiency related to aspects like fuel efficiency, cargo hold, lowest EEDI, CO2 output minimisation and more. We have initiated and are involved in several research projects for alternative fuels, to enable shipping to remain the biggest and one of the greenest players in future transport.

Multiple eConowind-units can be applied on a ship, leading to expected average fuel reductions up to 25%, but this is only a small part of our vision on the fleet of the future. Later this year we will present our designs for a fleet that will be able to fulfil any foreseeable future demands, up to zero-emission.

Interested? Contact us at or visit us at Breakbulk Europe 2018, booth 121!

Voucher Concept design

Special offer Preliminary Concept Design during Breakbulk Europe 2018

During the Breakbulk Europe 2018 exhibition in Bremen, Germany from Tuesday 29th of May until Thursday 31st of May 2018, Conoship International offers a special a Preliminary Concept Design for a dry cargo vessel for only € 9,750.00 excl. VAT

Come and visit us during the exhibition at our booth (hall 4, stand 121) or send us an email to to subscribe for this special offer.

Scope of work:

    • Concept General Arrangement Plan
    • 2D artist impression of the side view
    • Speed-Power prediction
    • EEDI calculation
    • GT/NT calculation
    • Design rationale

Validity period

This offer is valid from 29th of May up to 4th of June 2018.


Visit our stand (121) at Breakbulk Europe 2018

Visit our stand (121) at Breakbulk Europe 2018

From Tuesday the 29th of May till Thursday the 31st of May 2018 the Breakbulk Europe 2018 will take place at the Messe Bremen in Germany. We are pleased to announce that Conoship International will be present at this exhibition. We would like to invite you to visit our booth (Hall 4 – Stand 121) during the trade fair and meet our vessel design specialists.

Breakbulk Europe is the Europe’s largest exhibition for the project and breakbulk industry, for Conoship it will be a unique opportunity to present the company at the centre of one of their key markets. During the complete exhibition our team will be available to discuss your demands and future vessel design.

Office Conoship

Conoship International expands office

Conoship International expands their office.

Only six months after the office renovation in 2015, Conoship International expands their office on the fourth floor of the Northern Trade Center building in Groningen. Half of the northern wing, initially meant for engineering projects, was fully occupied for the next eighteen months. Eventually Conoship decided to renew the complete northern wing and expand their office to the full top floor of the building. This expansion resulted in an office space of approx. 800 m2 , with a design department and an engineering department, where the potential is to (re-)arrange this office space by project teams relevant to our projects.
The expansion of the office space is an appropriate action of the continuous growth of Conoship in the last four years to about 40 employees at this moment.

Ontwikkeling prototype eConowind-unit van start

VentiFoil windhulpvoortstuwing voor schepen

Als innovatieve scheepsontwerpers zijn wij altijd op zoek naar nieuwe mogelijkheden die het schip net dat beetje extra geven om zich te kunnen onderscheiden van de rest. Om dit te realiseren  onderzoeken we continu nieuwe mogelijkheden die leiden tot een beter schip. Een van deze onderzoeken is gestart in 2008 en heeft geleid tot de veelbelovende econowind-unit. Samen met het in 2016 opgerichte Econowind wordt nu het eerste prototype gerealiseerd, gesteund door Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland (SNN).

Een eConowind-unit bestaat uit een 40-voets container met 2 VentiFoils: vleugelvormige masten van 11 m hoog welke met innovatieve grenslaagafzuiging en ‘flaps’ voor aanvullende windvoortstuwing op schepen op zee kan zorgen. Het brandstofverbruik van de conventionele, fossiele brandstofvoortstuwing en dus de CO2-uitstoot, worden daarmee evenredig gereduceerd. De ontwikkeling van deze innovatieve VentiFoil windvoortstuwing is geïnitieerd door Conoship International BV en ondergebracht in een aparte onderneming eConowind BV, beiden gevestigd te Groningen.

Het gehele project bestaat uit ontwikkeling en testen van een 1:1 prototype van de eConowind-unit met speciale VentiFoil vleugelprofielen, de mechanische constructies (zwenken en inklappen), de besturing voor inklappen en autonoom varen. Voor een 1:2 schaalmodel (resultaat van een voorbereidend onderzoek, voorafgaand aan dit project) worden instellingen (zoals ‘zeilstanden’ in relatie tot windsnelheden) en werkingscondities (luchtafzuigparameters) theoretisch en proefondervindelijk onderzocht en vastgesteld. Met de resultaten van het 1:2 model wordt een 1:1 prototype van de eConowind-unit ontwikkeld. Het prototype wordt na sterkteberekeningen voor de vleugelmast, klapconstructie, behuizing en dekbevestiging ontworpen en gebouwd.

Gemiddelde besparingen van 20 tot 30% op brandstof en CO2-uitstoot zijn te verwachten, met het juiste aantal eConowind-units per schip. Ook de volledig autonome besturing van de VentiFoils, steeds optimaal afgestemd op de actuele windsnelheid en –richting, wordt ontwikkeld en getest op zee. Te onderzoeken en testen veiligheidsaspecten omvatten onder ander de constructie, montage aan boord en automatisch inklappen van de VentiFoils bij zware storm en te grote hellingshoeken van het schip.













5500m3 TSHD one step closer to delivery

5,500m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger for van der Kamp one step closer to delivery.

The 134 m long dredging vessel, fuelled on LNG left the safe boundaries of the dry dock facilities at Delfzijl and was successfully launched last Friday, March 9th 2018. She safely hit the water and soon she will towed to the port of Harlingen were the complete outfitting will take place. Conoship International wants to congratulate Baggermaatschappij Van der Kamp and all suppliers involved, with this milestone.

Already in 2013 Conoship started with a feasibility study for a TSHD fuelled on LNG for Van der Kamp resulting in a contract early 2016 for a complete basic design and engineering package following the detailed construction engineering, including piping routing. The vessel complies with the IMO tier III rules and regulations set in 2020 and belongs to one of the first dredgers on LNG. After the delivery her working location will be the port of Rotterdam for harbour maintenance, until at least the year 2023.

Conoship International New Year’s Reception

New concept, Same success!

Conoship New Year’s Reception 2018: New concept, Same success!

Last Friday (January, 12th) the annual Conoship New Year’s Reception took place at MartiniPlaza in Groningen. A new concept of pitches of young start-up companies was with a high turnout of 200 till 250 people a great success!

After the New Year’s speeches of mr. Geert Dokter (managing director of Conoship International) and mr. Bas Ort (chairman of NMT) five start-up companies showed their potential in a 5 minute pitch to present their current ideas and reality about what could be the future of maritime related companies. At the end of this news release you will find a brief desciption of the companies.

For Conoship the reception was a great success, positive comments during and after the reception. Therefore we would like to thank the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) for their cooperation in realising this success.
Futhermore, we would like to wish everybody who was not present at the reception also a prosperous 2018! And keep in mind the quote “We all need our strong competitors the keep us as the Dutch maritime cluster ahead of the rest of the world.”

eConowind is our solution for fuel and CO2 reduction for existing and newbuilt vessels in the near future. A “plug-and-play” removable containerized unit which can deployed on your demand. The first calculation results show a reduction up to 20% of fuel and CO2 with four units.

The Dutch Solar Boat is World Champion Solar 1 Ocean Race, World Champion Dutch Solar Challenge, Dutch National Champion Eneco Race. A brief listing of the results of a Dutch solar boat team of young professionals contending every year in the World Cup of Solar powered boats. Alongside the races, Dutch Solar Boat designs and builds electronic drivetrains for several boats and makes highly efficient lightweight solar panels.

At Apollo Journey, we create Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality and Innovative Design Applications. We believe in co-creation and together we shall realize your digital dreams. We will be creative and we will be adventurous.

Atmos UAV designs and manufactures high-end reliable aerial data gathering solutions for professional users. MEET MARLYN, Marlyn is the latest mapping & surveying drone by Atmos UAV, which makes a great leap forward compared to others. By reliably combining helicopter flexibility and fixed-wing performance, Marlyn maps more land in less time, with the accuracy you need.

RIMS is a global project and maintenance consultancy to help you revolutionize your maintenance strategy with smart drones and robotic. Our high tech expertise in combination with smart asset management solutions will help you benefit from much safer, more sustainable and cost-efficient surveying and maintenance solutions.